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What is amoxicillin 

Amoxicillin is a medicine. It is used for many diseases. As like bacteria such as pneumonia, and bronchitis. It infection the ears, nose, urinary tract & skin.  amoxicillin is also used in combination with another medicine for the elimination of H. Pylori that causes ulcers. this medicine is also called Penicillin antibiotics. It stops the growth of bacteria. Not work as much as colds, flu & viral infections.


Is this medicine prescribed?

Amoxicillin has a capsule, tablet, and Chewable & suspension to take by mouth. It takes every 12 hours9 one day) & also every 8 hours(3 times a day). It take also with food and without. The length of treatment depends on the type of infection. You also take it every day around the same time. Follow your prescription. Don’t use it more or less prescribed by your doctor.

Can I use other medicine?

Amoxicillin is sometimes used to treat Lyme disease and prevent anthrax infection after exposure and anthrax infection of your skin. So a discussion of this with your doctor about the possible.

What should I follow it?

  • Before taking Amoxicillin
  • Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to amoxicillin, penicillin, or cephalosporin.
  •  Have your other prescription nonprescription medications, Vitamins, nutritional, and herbal goods you’re taking, or make a plan.
  •  if you also have mononucleosis( viru-mono) tell your doctor.
  •  If you are pregnant also tell your doctor. Plan to became.
  • if you have (PKU) then discuss doctors.

What Should I do to forget a dose?

Take the missed very soon as you remember. If it is almost time for the next dose then skip the missed dose 7 regular dosing schedule. Please do not take a double dose.

Side effects

this medicine may cause side effects. if any of these symptoms are severe tell your doctor.

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  •  diarrhea
  •  changes in taste
  • headache

Some side effects are very serious.  So stop taking it when it comes

  • rash
  • peeling
  • hives
  • Breathing
  • lips and eye

Name of Brand

  1. Amoxil
  2. Amoxil
  3. Pediatric Drops
  4. Dispermox
  5. Larotid
  6. Suspension
  7. Montag
  8. Polymox
  9. Suspension
  10. Trimox
  11. Trimox
  12. Pediatric Drops
  13. Wymox
  14. Talicia (as a combination product containing Amoxicillin, Ome

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